A good Freemason will never ‘ask’ you to join the fraternity – however should you ask a Freemason you are likely to be met with an enthusiastic reply!

Remember that we now meet in Edinburgh (Scotland). Should you reside in East Africa and are seeking information about taking your first steps into Freemasonry, consider the websites below which are for the District Grand Lodges of East Africa under the Grand Lodges of Scotland and England respectively; both organisations have Lodges that meet in Kampala.



Membership Requirements

Anyone offering himself as a candidate should be 21 years of age or over and of good repute, and should be entirely assured in his own mind:

  1. That he sincerely seeks intellectual and moral improvement for himself and others.
  2. That he believes in a supreme being – (A god – remember there is no restriction on which faiths can take part in Freemasonry)
  3. That he is able to afford the necessary expenditure without detriment to himself or his connections. (There is a one-off joining fee and then a smaller annual amount payable. You will also be asked to contribute to charitable causes when appropriate)
  4. That he is willing and able to devote his time, means and efforts, to the promotion of the aims of our ancient Institution. You will be expected to make a commitment to attend Lodge meetings, rehearsals and other events.
  5. That he will never seek commercial, social or pecuniary advantage from his membership.

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