Built on the premise of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, uniting Freemasons of every colour and many creeds. The good Freemason builds these principles into his daily life as a law abiding man and citizen of the world.

Brotherly Love 
is the concern which each Freemason has for his Brother, which is readily shown by tolerance and respect for their beliefs, opinions and practices of his fellows, and his willingness to care for his Brother and that Brother’s dependants.

The Freemason is by nature and teaching a charitable man. He will cheerfully and kindly assist those less fortunate (Freemasons or not!) and will care for and support his community – local, national and international.

The Freemason believes in Truth in all things, in honesty and integrity in his personal, business and public life and in fair dealings along with firm standards of decency and morality.

Scotland has many Lodges at home and abroad. In Scotland, Grand Lodge has arranged its Lodges into Provinces; abroad they are arranged in Districts. The Grand Lodge of Scotland is one of the oldest in the world and works in harmony with all other ‘regular’ Grand Lodges – i.e. those whose members follow the same basic principles and practices as the Scottish Freemason.

Further information about Scottish Freemasonry is available from The Grand Lodge of Scotland who have created the short film below.

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